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Junagadh, Gujarat, India !
Mobhi Coconut Supplier Cares For Your Health & Serves You Quality Fresh Green Coconut And Mangoes.

About Us

Procurement challenges are bigger than manufacturing challenges and there is no denying in this fact because procurement involves more risk than manufacturing. Overcoming procurement challenges since 1969 is Mobhi Coconut Supplier, a Mangrol, Gujarat (India), based company. We are focusing on strategic procurement of Mango Fruit, Husked Coconut, Green Coconut and other products so that no delay is made from our end while making delivery.

Our company is playing wholesaler and trader business roles to suffice buyers by providing good quality fruits at affordable rates. Our procuring partners best at providing to us demanded products on right time. They never delay in the process of making delivery, which helps us to commit our buyers for in-time delivery service. It is because of our partner companies that we are growing outstandingly in the industry and sufficing end buyer needs.

Warehousing Facility

Modern warehouses that gives excellent storage space and make fruits storage easy is our strength. We have two warehousing units to perform storage task. Mango Fruit, Husked Coconut, Green Coconut and other items are stored safely. All fruits are preserved well because our warehousing team focuses majorly on preservation along with careful loading as well as unloading. Not only storing takes place in these units but also packaging. A special chamber has been developed to pack fruits and coconuts. The demanded quantity of fruits is provided to customers on time as we use best transport to make fast and hassle-free delivery.

Experts at Work

There is no denying in the fact that it requires a smart team of individuals along with intelligence and experience to run the company. Having the same, Mr. Kasim Mobhi is taking his company to new heights.

The company has 25 approx. individuals who possess good knowledge of the industry. All the employees keenly work better to improve customers experience of dealing with the company. Their approach to perform every work rightly is helping the company expand its wings in many parts of the Indian market.

Reasons to Partner with Us
  • We do not overcharge for our offerings for the fact that we do not want money to become an obstruction in our relationship with customers.
  • We always fairly deal with customers so that they do not feel the need of changing their sourcing partner.
  • We keep our promise of delivering all products in the right manner and on scheduled time.

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